Amy Denio
Time: November 1, 2006 (All Soul’s Day) 11:11 PM

Place: Lowman Beach Park, facing the Puget Sound - 7017 Beach Dr SW. Wassup West Seattle!

You know when you're listening to something really good, and you're kinda scared cuz you so don't want it to change and dissapoint you, though you know it must change, but you still have hope, and then it kinda changes and veers away and you go "oh no", but then it totally judos your ass and it slingshots to somewhere you didn't expect, somewhere better, and you just sit there with your palms in your lap, just fuckin giddy. That's Amy Denio.

"I manipulated what you sent me, and took text written by an Italian journalist (writing for Il Manifesto, the communist paper) who was kidnapped in Baghdad in April 2005. She was released into the hands of the Italian secret service, and on her way to freedom a US unit fired at her car. Her driver yelled, ‘We’re Italians! We’re Italians!’ but to no avail. Her acquaintance Nicola threw his body over hers to protect her, and died on top of her. The Iraqis had been saying to her, ‘keep a low profile, otherwise the Americans will take you out.’  A chilling little story."

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