Ben Houge
I've known Ben forever and a half. He was a founding member of Seattle School and the most learned/edumacated of the bunch (outside of the erudite Guy Whitmore who has like 7 Masters degrees). He's in Shanghai right now making audio for video games. Not only did he run Chris' piece through his MAX program to create Minooopause, he also went the extra mile and delivered his response to his response to Chris' response to my commentary to my unfinished piece - called Study for Eventual World Domination. Golly, this abstraction train's getting choo-choo-chortlerific.

"When I first got your invitation to futz with Chris' piece, I thought this would be a good chance to try to extract and kind of genericize some algorithmic functions from my piece Radiospace, so they could then be applied to other compositions. I wanted to create a kind of aleatory music engine, inspired by the way some videogame companies license their game engines to other companies to use for new games.

So when tasked with creating a response to the futzed version of Chris' piece that came out of my program, my first reaction was to want to fix things that I see as deficiencies in the program, and the biggest to me is the way it completely ignores the concepts of pulse and rhythm. This is the culmination of one avenue of inquiry into aleatoricizing rhythm, ultimately a dead end, I think, but that's what studies are for."

Place: Alexander Calder's "Eagle" at Olympic Sculpture Park opening Jan 2007, Elliot Ave & Broad Street. (Until then, go to the Seattle Public Library at 1000 4th Ave.)

Time: "Use my random time generator to determine your personalized ideal time to listen to my piece. You will need to install the Max/MSP Runtime application to run this program." And then download the file below. And then run the application. Or my suggestion: email Ben and ask for him to just pick a fricken time for you off the top of his fricken head. Ha! Sucks for you, Dutch.

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