Erik Aho
Time: Midnight

Place: On top of the water tower in Volunteer Park, 1247 15th Ave E. "Technically illegal, but possible back in my day. If razor-wire won't allow it, the middle of the grass about 40 feet from the Volunteer Park amphitheater, facing west will work as well."

Like Ben Houge, Erik was a founding member of Seattle School back in the day, before moving to LA. He was also a rock star. Now he's just a wildly successful film and TV composer. He said the title was a play on the title of Houge's remix Minoopause. "Minoopause/Menopause, Minstruation/Menstruation. I don't know if that was the intent of the original title, but that was how I took it and I thought it appropriate to keep the reference to the female reproductive system. I think it is a little sexier than Minoopause and there is that implication too = Menopause vs. Menstruation."

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