Joshua Parmenter
Time: Sundown

Place: overlook of Lake Union at small park on Boston & 5th Ave N.

The recently appointed D.M.A., Dr. JP kickin it all academic and shit on the SuperCollider tip yo. He got this to me while at the same time juggling a new baby. Hero! Hero! I'm purdy sure the G in GVerb stands for gangsta.

"My original intention was to take the mp3 version and subtract it from the full aif version. There are many technical reasons why this didn't work (mostly having to do with the phase of signals not lining up like I would have hoped) ... so, I instead used a granular time-stretching technique and a reverb (called GVerb) that I built for SuperCollider over the past couple of years. The reverb time is ridiculously long (300 seconds I think?), and only bits of the original are let through at a time. The first 10 seconds are actually the original soundfile played back in 10 seconds with some shaping and filtering."

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