Korby Sears
Time: Anytime during the 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday work week

Place: Lobby of 2025 1st Ave (Market Place Tower) in downtown Seattle. "Once you enter the building, stand in the center underneath the conical structure overhead. Use a jam box to play the audio in public and hold the jam box over your head, “Say Anything” style, except the speakers are pointed toward the heavens. You will be rewarded with a resonant frequency effect that feels like a natural chorus surrounding your position. Very satisfying, clarifying, multiplying. The security guards are pretty cool and are aware of this effect, so no one will mess with you."

Korby co-created the genius mess that is Iron Composer, and continues to leave a long comet tail of brilliant works behind as he discards them as if it ain't nuttin but a thang.

"The idea was this: let’s keep the one-upmanship between Min and Delaurenti going. I dragged two old compositions of both Mike Min and Chris Delauranti from the lurid past of the vacuous 90s. I put the Min piece in mono from one CD player to the right channel of a dbx 266XL compressor, and the Delaurenti piece from a second CD player to the left channel of the dbx unit. I was then going to run the Minopause audio into the sidechain channel of the 266XL from a laptop, therefore gate-triggering the Mike/Chris audio from the piece that started this all. It would be Mike from 2006 meets Mike from 1998 meets Chris from 1995 meets Chris from 2006. You two should really just go get a room.

My goal afterwards was to then bridge the gaps in the triggered audio into one continuous sound, cuz really: the sound of silence stabbed periodically with jabs of sound is as rote and clichéd to avant music as I-IV-V chords progressions are to rock and roll.

I set up the channels and pressed play on both CD simultaneously to sound check and make sure all was good while I ducked behind my outboard rack to plug in the sidechain routing. But while doing that, I heard both audio concurrently, and it quickly became apparent – this is fucking beautiful. Zen accident #47,299. Chris’ piece is scoring Mike’s spoken word piece with marked intention. I listened to the 3 minutes of audio in its entirety and realized – why fuck with something so good? I’d just be getting in the way. So I rerouted the audio, straight to Digital Performer without the dbx unit, pressed play on the CD players simultaneously, and just let it roll."

For more information about Korby, go to home.earthlink.net/~korbys/.

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