Kris Moon
Time: Dark winter night

Place: "I've always been intrigued with the tunnel under Aurora by the "Stupid Prices" store (76th & Aurora).  It would stink, and it's probably full of rats, but i think it would be hella creepy to listen to that on headphones, or better yet a 9v amp from the other end ..."

"Shortly after you sent the file over I left for Montana for most of August to stay at my families cabin, where I re-discovered my copy of Jeff Noon's "Cobralingus".  I highly recommend this book, and his others, like "Vurt" or "Nymphomation".  The premise of Cobralingus is that by applying action concepts to classical pieces of literature, you can create something new but related.  It was in this spirit that I approached your remix.

FRAGMENT: Minoopause was loaded into Recyle, where I chopped it into little bitty pieces and exported. RANDOMIZE: 46 Fragments were arranged in LIVE to play randomly. PAIR: I split the 46 pieces into 23 pairs by pitching each pair +/- a degree of tuning. KURPLUS-STRONG: All of the samples were fed through the Kurplus-Strong algorithm, essentially routing the whole mix through a delay whose output was fed back into itself through a filter. DOUBLE: I doubled the tempo of the piece and also added another Kurplus-Strong array to the output.

This thing will randomize all day, and the filters can be pushed to the edge of feedback abyss creating a haunted kind of sound to appear.  I'd love to have it running in a room where the midi signals from live were controlling some kind of subtle video efx, installation stylee."

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