Mike Min
Time: 11:00 AM

Place: Taqueria Jalisco, 129 1st Ave N off Denny. Go to the one on the West side of the street. Sit at a table that borders the bar and the dining area, where they play 2 different streams of music at once. Listen to your headphones as loud as they will go.  Have some food. I personally like Chorizo con Huevos with flour tortillas.

All 1 guitar and my voice. Words mean nothing. I needed words to flesh out some sounds without being too distracting. And what has less meaning than sex, so I thought that the topic was a good proxy. I've been watching more Godard lately, so the Brechtian influences are pretty apparent. A little glitzy, but I'm Korean, ergo melodrama abound. Mp3 compression sucks a lotta flava out. There should be a lot more pops. I'm trying to be suave, but I'm really embarrassed about the commentary. I pretty much talk as if the last 100 years in music hasn't happened. But for the sanctity of the process, I present it to the ya'll in flagrante delicto. Alcohol & recording don't mix, kids!

Sexecutive Cummary

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