Paris Hurley
Time: "3:54:08 AM - the loneliest time of night"

Place: Under the Alaskan Way viaduct downtown

So young. So talented. Paris is causing a big splash in big way and a big bang with a big sound, swinging with DAE and Johanna Kunin. Something about Carnegie Hall at age 15 - we won't hold that against her. When she made this for me, she was crazy busy moving and plotting on her inevitable seizure of greater portions of American mindshare.

"I started by picking out elements of the original track that inspired me, caught my ear, gave me an instant idea or association. Then I played along with the track using those new elements to see what came out naturally. I then created the foundation track of pizzicato and started adding layers. I wanted a really thick blanket of harmonies and percussion from only my voice and violin-no frills, no electronic tricks. The text was added last, it just seemed to find its way in. I think the initial track I was given was delightfully creepy...apparently, that found its way into my response as well..."

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