Rob Millis
Time: "1:37pm on a Thursday. Any Thursday will do. Perhaps all Thursdays."

Place: Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Ave S.

Seattle royalty, Rob is. A founder of Climax Golden Twins, Rob is. And typical of anything he does, he effed the eff out of this project and then put the "f" back in effed up.  Eff yeah.

"I decided to record my body's reaction to your sounds (or more accurately Chris Delaurenti's sounds). So I waited to listen to the piece, even for the first time, until I was set up--my body festooned with recording devices and contact microphones all running stereo into my computer. It looked ridiculous. Some were in rude places. The results, predictably, were a fair amount of breathing and heartbeat and gurgles, but it is as genuine a response, as visceral, as one could wish for. Way in the background you can hear the original piece leaking from the headphones I was wearing ... The mp3 leaves a little to be desired--the lowend seems to be gone ... the definition ... but there you go."

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