Stephen Parris
Time: 5:30 PM on a weekday

Place: On the pedestrian island located at Aurora and Denny. Or on Broad street underneath Aurora. Or near any domestic disturbance or fight that is taking place - bigger the better.

I met Steve when he played in the Seattle School piece "Variations on a Fast Break". I was impressed that he had no qualms about throwing down his guitar in a tantrum when the referee threw him out (long explanation). He messes stuff up and gets all up in yo bidness with Monktail Creative Music Concern and Gamelan Pacifica.

"I listened to Minoopause, and made a rough timeline of where there were noticeable higher volume "events" that characterize the original piece.  I then rearranged a piece named "Kids and Pets" I crafted 8 years ago (from tape loops made from the infamous "Snuggles" tape) by silencing chunks at the approximate moments where volume "events" occur in Minoopause. Here is a link to the "Snuggles" tape if you would like to hear it.

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