Stuart McLeod
Time: "at Daybreak to represent ancient Greece at the Dawn of Western Civilization.  And shit."

Place: "Triangulate a (pink?) path from Four Columns park on Pike Street and Boren Avenue to those columns which I think are on Union and 15th to the columns at what may be a church or library at Union and Broadway."

What a brilliant nut. Stuart is a member of SIL2K and Transpacific and composer for Brown Box Productions and all around bad mamma jamma. "I'm reading from a book about Pythagoras and his ideas about numbers and how they relate to the universe, music, life, everything.  I sampled just one 1 second fragment from the track you gave me and then used numbers 1 - 7 to decide how many times to repeat things, how many intervals to transpose the fragment and sometimes even what percentage of an effect would go on each fragment."

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