Wally Shoup
Time: 11:00 PM (careful - park closes at 10 PM)

Place: Coleman Park, 1800 Lake Washington Blvd S. "There are three small bridges in Coleman Park (up from Lake Washington near I-90) and each creates a small tunnel. The piece should be heard under the third bridge around 11PM; after which, the adventurous music lover can sit in the small amphitheater at the west end of the tunnel and contemplate what makes sound real."

If you don't know the contributions Wally has made to experimental and new music, then you are a dumb dumb stump of a person. I was so surprised and honored to have had him contribute.  After he heard the remix, he called my cell phone and in a series of voice mail messages, he literally "phoned in" his response. Sticking his frickin phone in the bell of his sax. Even through the shitty audio quality of the phone, you can hear the brute force of Wally's sax accompanied by the cringing remix in the background. Yikes. I'm so intimidated by this dude's brain.

For more information about Wally, go to www.speakeasy.org/~wallyshp/wshoup/.

Over, Under and Out

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